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10 Rosensteinstraße
Böblingen, BW, 71032

We are an Assemblies of God church serving English speaking community in Stuttgart, Germany.

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March 22, 2019

Matthew Leighty

Read 1 Corinthians 15:20-28

Through Adam, sin and death came into the world. Through Jesus, salvation came into the world and sin and death have been conquered. Jesus’ work on earth overcame all the wrong done by Adam, and his descendants, for those who trust in Him. Where Adam disobeyed, Jesus obeyed. Where Adam doubted, Jesus trusted. Where Adam went into the ground and remained there, Jesus went into the ground and burst forth on the third day.

Jesus is the firstfruits of the resurrection, which means He is not the only one who will experience it. One day, we too will spring forth from the clutches of death into everlasting life. But that life does not begin on that day—it is completed on it. One day Christ Jesus will return, and He will make all things new and kill death for good. At the death of death and the restoration of all things, the rule and reign of Christ will be unchallenged and unhindered. We can trust in God’s ability to conquer all things now since He has already conquered death, which is our greatest enemy.

How does knowing Jesus conquered our greatest enemy—death—give you boldness when sharing the gospel?

March 21, 2019

Matthew Leighty

Read Numbers 24:14-25

Balaam’s final oracle to Balak was a promise to preserve and protect the people of God. While this oracle would come to pass in part through King David, King Jesus would be its ultimate fulfillment.

On the day we trust in Christ, His righteousness is credited to us (Rom. 3:21-26; 2 Cor. 5:21). The righteousness of God given to us does not mean that we no longer sin, but it does mean that Jesus’ perfect life was given to us as He took our sin onto Himself. It means that because our sin has been removed and we have Christ’s perfect righteousness, we are completely preserved and protected from the eternal consequences of sin and credited as being fully obedient to the Father.

When we trust in Jesus, we do not trust in Him merely for our salvation and then place that salvation in a safe place only to take out again in the future. We trust in His forgiveness but we also trust in His rule over us, knowing He has done everything necessary for our salvation and righteousness. Therefore, we are called to live in obedience out of love and gratitude for what He has done.

What is your motivation for obeying God? Why?

March 20, 2019

Matthew Leighty

Read Numbers 23:27–24:13

In Balaam’s third oracle, God gave the diviner a vision of the future blessing that the Israelites would enjoy, and He warned Balak not to come against His people. The promise of blessing that God spoke through Balaam was a promise of abundant provision and powerful leadership. The warning that God gave Balak was a warning of destruction should he attempt to fight against Israel.

God’s promise of eternal life for us is a promise of shelter in His presence and provision that we will delight in (Rev. 7:15-16). We live in a broken world full of broken people, and we look forward to a life with God where brokenness will be no more. As we live today with this hope, we are called to proclaim the good news that Jesus has died on the cross for our sins. The hope that we have is not just for us. The message of the gospel is a message for all the world. God has saved us to display the immeasurable riches of His grace for the rest of eternity, and He calls us to start now by inviting those who don’t know Jesus to trust in Him and enjoy His presence and provision forevermore.

How will your guarantee of eternal life in Christ motivate you to share the gospel today?

March 19, 2019

Matthew Leighty

Read Numbers 23:1-26

In Balaam’s first oracle to Balak, God declared that those whom He has blessed cannot be cursed (v. 8). In the second oracle, God declared Himself to be a protection for Israel, like the horns of a wild ox (v. 22). In both of Balaam’s first two oracles, God’s message to Balak, as he tried to curse Israel, was that He cannot be controlled. God had blessed Israel, and He would not change His mind because He is faithful and true.

No one and nothing can thwart God’s plans for His people. Not even Satan can do anything to curse the people of God (Job 1:12). Our God is like a wild ox and He fights for us. Even though we may face persecution and difficult times, there is nothing that can stop God from fulfilling all that He has planned and promised. God has placed stories of His work in the Bible so that we can see how He works for the good of His people and realize that He works for us in the same way. Then in light of God’s unstoppable faithfulness, we can be faithful to Him, trusting that as we live for Him, He is fighting for us and for our good.

How can seeing the unstoppable faithfulness of God in Scripture change the way you approach difficult situations today?

March 18. 2019

Matthew Leighty

Read Numbers 22:1-41

In Numbers 22, the Moabites saw the Israelites encamped in the wilderness and feared for their lives. They heard what the Israelites had done to the Amorites and feared that the same fate would come to them. So Balak, the king of Moab, sought the help of a diviner named Balaam to curse the Israelites. But the Lord came to Balaam and told him not to go to Balak because the Israelites were blessed (v. 12).

This is a fascinating account full of mystery (who was Balaam and why was he known to listen to God?) as well as the supernatural (a talking donkey!). But don’t lose sight of an important detail that is easily missed: The Israelites were not present in this story. They didn’t see the fear of the Moabites. They didn’t see Balaam’s encounter with a talking donkey. They didn’t hear the oracles Balaam spoke. Instead, they were off in the distance while these events unfolded. Even when the Israelites could not see it, God was working for their good.

God is always working all things for the good of those who love Him (Rom. 8:28). There may be times when we feel like we are walking through a desolate wilderness, when we feel hopeless, and when God seems far off. But we know this is not true, and knowing that God is working in ways that we cannot see to bless us, even through hardship, is what we cling to.

How has God’s faithfulness helped you remain faithful to Him even in the midst of difficult circumstances?