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10 Rosensteinstraße
Böblingen, BW, 71032

We are an Assemblies of God church serving English speaking community in Stuttgart, Germany.


October 17, 2018

Matthew Leighty

Read Genesis 15

We can surely relate with Abram in his moment of doubt and frustration. We have all been there. It’s easy for us to think that God is making the wrong decisions at times and that we need to help Him out. And what makes this even more challenging is when we see others around us experiencing the blessings we crave. It’s tough for an infertile couple seeing all of their friends getting pregnant or having babies. Likewise, it is hard for singles to see their friends falling in love and getting married. Or for a couple in an apartment seeing their peers buying homes. Or to see everyone else’s careers taking off.

We can’t help it. We look at what God is doing around us and we always seem to be behind the curve. So we try to “help” God. But God is not looking for our help; He is looking for our humility. He wants us to wait on Him, in faith, knowing that He is good and believing in His promises.

In what areas of your life do you need to wait on God?