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10 Rosensteinstraße
Böblingen, BW, 71032

We are an Assemblies of God church serving English speaking community in Stuttgart, Germany.


May 29, 2019

Jordan Campbell

Read Ruth 3:1-18

When Ruth reported to Naomi what had happened between her and Boaz, her mother-in-law made an interesting prediction in verse 18: Boaz would not rest until the issue of a family redeemer for Ruth was resolved. And Naomi wasn’t wrong. It seems that Boaz went right away to the town gate, where business was transacted, and indeed resolved the matter that day.

Perhaps Naomi understood that the same character that Boaz had shown in his generosity to Ruth would compel him to act quickly for her benefit. Surely Boaz understood how anxious Ruth would have felt. She had taken a great risk in uncovering his feet and asking him to take her under his wing (v. 9).

It is easy for us to be self-absorbed and fail to humble ourselves for the sake of others. But we are a people called to follow a greater example than Boaz—we are called to follow Christ Jesus, who humbled Himself on our behalf and who does not delay in saving those who call on His name.

Whose needs are you slow to respond to? What steps can you take to humble yourself for others’ sake?