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10 Rosensteinstraße
Böblingen, BW, 71032

We are an Assemblies of God church serving English speaking community in Stuttgart, Germany.


August 2, 2019

Jordan Campbell

Read John 10:1-21

In describing Himself as the good shepherd, Jesus made an interesting contrast between Him and a hired hand (vv. 12-13). A hired hand, Jesus contended, was not reliable because he didn’t care about the sheep. And why should he? They wouldn’t be his sheep. So if a wolf came along to snatch a sheep, the hired hand would not risk his own life to save that sheep. Instead, he would run off and likely plead his case later to the owner of the sheep of how much danger he had been in.

But Jesus is no hired hand. He is the good shepherd because the sheep are His. He owns them. He loves them. And that is why He sacrificed His life rather than preserve it.

We need to see Jesus for who He truly is, but it cannot stop there. We also need to see ourselves for who we truly are. Do you? Do you see yourself as the beloved sheep you are? Do you understand that Christ’s love for you is fixed because you are His and He is yours? Jesus is no hired hand who will run off and abandon you. And neither are you some random sheep.

How can you tend to see yourself incorrectly at times? Why?